Awesome react learning material

So I’m thinking of creating the post for awesome react learning material, I will try hosting in on my one drive until there is no space.

this is one of the best state management in react lecture that iv seen

Pure React State
from beginners to very advanced patterns using useReducer!141286&authkey=APKqvQzDI6yTk2U


Thanks, I’ll have to check this out.

You could try hosting from KeyBase ( 250GB available at no cost. Here are some references to get started with KeyBase if interested.

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very cool vid on hooks , very smart pattren

bad link @AlonGvili :slight_smile: with S

but aint this kind of piracy? it seems it require a subscription to watch it

yea i know , but it so good that i must do this.
but all others link going to be free like yt