Using UD to generate a static homepage

Well can’t say this is revolutionary but shows the many ways one can use UD. I’ve recently been playing with which is a secure chat app that has built in feature for private and public folders. It can render a static homepage at the root of your public folder.

It also has keybase filesystem ( that provides ability to copy files locally on a temporary basis before transporting them securely to a keybase server. Works for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

I wanted to create a static web page for keybase for myself and I thought perhaps I could use UD has designer tool for doing this. So far this effort is working well for me.

I created a UD page, called keybase.ps1. This reads and xml file and generates several New-UDGrid controls in a 2 column output. My homepage

Looks this if you don’t trust links.

You can download keybase.ps1 and the xml file from the above UD links. Plus links to other stuff I’ve published in the past.