Avatar or Name displayed near Sign Out?

Is it possible to put the user’s name or an avatar with their photo (that I retrieve from AD) next to the Sign Out button? Either that, or in the footer?

I would really like to see if this is possible as well.
even some way to add a “Logged in as $User” next to the “Sign Out” button.

Been looking through and I can’t seem to find any way to add/edit the content that is displayed on the top bar of UD Dashboard. Anyone have any ideas?

or, just in general SOME way to display to the logged in user WHAT account they are logged in with? I am using Azure AD myself, which can be very annoying in this respect. Because the tokens stay valid, the only way for a user logged into the dashboard to actually see what account they are logged in with is to login to portal.azure.com. Otherwise on the dashboard itself, it’s completely invisible unless I place this inside of a page…

I’d really like to be able to do this as well (using v2.9)

Hello @dkkazak @jcastle @tom.obrien although I am a bit late to the party, in fairness I do not remember seeing this question being posted. So @dkkazak I was looking at posts on “avatar” as I have designed a super simple badge like avatar to display user initials for when you do not have an avatar to hand. So wanted to make sure was not on here already, and I saw your post. So I did this:-

Which I achieved using:-

Import-Module -Name UniversalDashboard.Community -RequiredVersion 2.8.1
Import-Module -Name UniversalDashboard.Style
Import-Module -Name UniversalDashboard.NoAvatar
Get-UDDashboard | Stop-UDDashboard
$Initialization = New-UDEndpointInitialization -Module 'UniversalDashboard.NoAvatar'
$Footer = New-UDFooter -Copyright 'PSDEVUK' 
$NavBarLinks = @((New-NoAvatar -Id "NoAvatar" -Text $env:USERNAME))
Start-UDDashboard -Port 10005 -Dashboard (
    New-UDDashboard -Title "Powershell UniversalDashboard" -Footer $Footer -EndpointInitialization $Initialization -NavbarLinks $NavBarLinks  -Content {

Looking to release this component later today, it only shows text, as I know @AlonGvili already done an avatar picture component. But thought this looks neat and simple. You can customise the colours and shape of this NoAvatar component, but will probably write another blog on that. Anyways I hope this answers the questions that this is possible. And I will release this module later today :grin:

Ah that’s cool I’ll be interested to give that a go. I temporarily made do with grabbing the username from the claims principal and putting it in a div using new-udstyle and positioning it over the heading bar:


I have now published this module to the powershell gallery so in an hour or so it will appear on the marketplace just finished typing up this short blog on using the component…

Hey @dkkazak is see this post is still open and I provided a semi-solution to the problem, showing you the NoAvatar component I built will display near the sign-out…however if you wanted an actual avatar to display in the navbar then I have released yesterday https://psdevuk.github.io/ud-flix/Badge-Component/ a sticky navbar. you can put whatever you want in this navbar, then you could adjust the BottomBoundary parameter to not make it sticky on scrolling down. I think this is now the given solution :grin: