Implement signout feature in dashboard

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.9

I have the dashboard implemented and working as expected using Root “/” so when user visit the URL the user needs to login and after success the user will be taken directly to the dashboard.

the issue is if the user close the browser and reopen and try to visit the URL again, no authentication is populated and the user will be presented with the dashboard right away.

the question is how to implement a signout button in the dashboard to logout the user when clicked without having the user go to /admin page to signout.
Note: in the above scenario users are not and should not be aware of /admin page.

Thank you.

Hello @wsl2001 I am guessing this is a feature request for Powershell Universal, however if you looking for a workaround, then I did do this custom component:-
Which you could implement the same hyperlink which is used for the signout into this sticky navbar. Just a thought :thinking:

Thank you for the idea, it might work this way but am trying to find what command initiate the sign out as well so if i chose to use a component i can implement the sign out code in it.

do you use the form base authentication ? or something else ?
the endpoint is '/api/v1/signout

am using form base authentication