How do I log out / log off / sign out?

I have forms authentication working, returning true for any login as a test. I’ve seen mention of a ‘sign out’ button, but there is none to be found. How do I allow signing out with forms? This happen regardless of theme (default or dark) or hosting style. Using version 2.8.2.

# authentication
$AuthenticationMethod = New-UDAuthenticationMethod -Endpoint {

    # testing: always return true
    return New-UDAuthenticationResult -Success -UserName $Credentials.UserName
$LoginPage = New-UDLoginPage -AuthenticationMethod $AuthenticationMethod -WelcomeText "Universal Dashboard Authentication Test"

# theme
$Theme = Get-UDTheme -Name "DarkDefault"

$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title "Hello, World" -Pages @($HomePage, $Page2) -LoginPage $LoginPage -Theme $Theme

Start-UDDashboard -Port 10001 -Dashboard $Dashboard -AutoReload -AllowHttpForLogin


This is a bug. The sign out link is missing due to a bug. It’s been resolved and will be in tonight’s nightly build. Version 2.8.3 should be released mid-next week to the gallery.