Automation - Pipeline has been stopped

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.4

I upgraded to the latest version of Universal and now all my automation jobs are throwing the same error. I had no issues before the update, I was at 3.2.6 before the upgrade.

The pipeline has been stopped.

It also shows it has timed out even though they run for only a few seconds.


I have tried different environments and it made no difference. I also see nothing in the logs that are helpful.

I am running Universal as a service as a domain account.

Thank you,

After playing around with creating a basic new script it succeeded so I added a time out of 10 min (really can be anything more than 0) and it failed with that error.

I removed that time out from all my scripts and it is now working fine.

Seems to me to be an issue.

Here is the GitHub issue I created.