Approval Process

This is more of a general question on the uses to which people have put UD. I am trying to pull over a process from SharePoint to UD. The process provides a form that people fill out for requesting a new server in the company’s VMware environment. The form is no problem, what I would like to build is some sort of “approval” process. In SP you can create a custom workflow where an approver or group is emailed when a form is submitted (got that part) and then the build process waits until someone in that group goes in and approves that build. Once this is done, a column in the SP list called “Approved” is set to 1. I am just curious if anyone has ever done anything like this with UD, and if so, how it worked out.

Hi @JLogan3o13,

I’ve done something similliar with a couple of internal processes, more focused towards QA than CYA / Billing and it has worked out pretty damn good.

How far you want to take the automation is up to you, i’ve got the entire billing for our hosting environment being processed by UD myself.

Thanks for the feedback. If you have a 30,000 ft view of how you set things up, so I can compare to what I am thinking, I would be appreciative. Thus far my only experience with such a workflow has been in SharePoint, so that is what I am trying to emulate, but am 100% open if there is an easier/better way.

Hi again @JLogan3o13,

The basics:
Userpermissions decides which features are avaliable, some people are able to submit requests, and certain personell have access to complete said request, by following a checklist with a FAQ.

MSSQL database to store everything.

If you need any guidance on the path of UD, give me a shout and i’ll try to guide you in the right direction.
Due to me being Norwegian, my 30k feet might have been 30 kilometeres. I’ll throw in some more in-dept if you’d like :slight_smile: