API Endpoint outputting int64 when given int32?

I’m just wondering if this is the expected behavior here… If I make an API endpoint that does something like count the number of properties in a PSCustomObject, and I get returned an int32 value… If I output that in an api endpoint, the result I’m getting is an int64. Even if I specifically try to cast that int as an int32.

Does the API just always output int64s? I’m trying to use a dashboard widget that requires an int32 for the value. So I can obviously convert the value in the dashboard, but it seems like an extra unnecessary step.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.4

Eh… Maybe ignore this for now. Trying to pick up wherever I left off on Friday and I might be mistaken on a few details.

Okay, I have confirmed that I am getting an int64 returned when providing an int32. I returned the type of the value to the dashboard for testing.

Maybe I should call it a week already even though it’s only Monday. :sweat_smile:

So… I’m just trying to do a count on the number of helpdesk tickets… If I count that, I do get an int32.

If I return that value in an API endpoint, I do appear to get an int64.

But I swear last week, when trying to pass that value to a New-UDGauge, I got an error about the type not being right and that it wanted an int32.

The value does indeed appear to be an int64 put the New-UDGauge seems to be accepting the value now.

Last week I was sure it was a lack of sleep thing… This Monday morning I’m just confused.