After enabling Git, environments are lost

In v4.0.6 after I enabled Git sync, the environment settings are getting lost. I also totally get Git not working correctly on SSH and also HTTP, I think I will build my own sync script.

But that environments settings, are getting lost, that’s a problem because god knows what else from important settings are getting lost, that I don’t know now about.

Wanted to share that

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

We’ve put together a KB article about this issue and it will be resolved in the next version.

Thanks, didn’t know about the knowledge base. I will check it next time, when I’m having a problem.

And what is the base way, to report an issue next time?

Hi, is there also a way to edit something like “modujles.ps1”, did try to create the file and nothing happens… Any other way? Thanks already!

Ok, doesn’t really matter anymore. I changed my workflow strategy to match with Powershell Universal as much as possible.

I always use a Git repo per apps / modules, also for non Universal apps / modules, like Pro Tools) and I did find out that:

  1. If I create a submodule, with my main branche as target and create a version folder matching the Powershell Universal, and add a matching PSD file inside of it.
  2. Powershell Universal will pick up the the submodule PSD’s configurations and versions automatically after restarting the service

It will be verry nice if the module function inside Powershell Universal will support submodules included in Powershell Universal. But I can understand that’s not your main focus and I feel like I’m the only one and only on this forum that’s using submodules.

  1. So I created a script in Powershell Universal that will automatically initialize, pull, commit and push the submodules
  2. Going to create a script to create a submodule in the Powershell Universal modules folder and start initializing it, so the scheduled task will pick up the sync.

So if someone will also use submodules, thats the easy workflow I did get it working without problems.