Is it possible to use the same Git repository across multiple environments with Git sync?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.10

I would like to use the same Git repository for non-production and production environments, but the PowerShell Universal repository contains some environment-specific configuration (such as SAML config in authentication.ps1).

Eventually, I want to have a more traditional deployment pipeline handling the separation of environment-specific configuration and the rest of the code, but I’m curious if this is something I can accomplish with the built-in Git Sync feature.

If I add a file like ./.universal/authentication.ps1 to gitignore, would I then be able to manage a separate version in each environment while still syncing the rest of the repository?

We ran into a similar setup and ended up using the same code base for dev/test/prod but using the PSUHeader region for the .universal files.

for example in the variables.ps1 I have the following.

#region PSUHeader
	"PSU1" { 
		$Environment = "Prod"
		$CurrentHostName = "" 
	"PSU2" {
		$Environment = "Test"
		$CurrentHostName = "
	Default { 
		$Environment = "Dev"
		$CurrentHostName = "http://localhost:5000" 

New-PSUVariable -Name "HostName" -Value $CurrentHostName -Description "Hostname of the PSU instance"
New-PSUVariable -Name "Environment" -Value $Environment -Description "PSU environment type"

Awesome! I was also wondering if this would work. Haven’t had a moment to try it or gitignore yet, but I like this approach better. Thank you.

This isn’t perfect, so when you configure this PSU will show the vars, but if you change the variables, such as making a new one and saving through the UI, you will see duplicates.

@adam - Any thoughts on this approach?

Yeah, I’ve noticed the duplicates. I’m up to five now.