Adminmode in V3


we upgrade from V2.9 to the V3-beta2 but now we are missing two cmdlets / parameters

Set-UDLicense and
New-UDDashbaord -AdminMode

They are still in the documentation on GitHub but aren’t working anymore

Could someone clarify how to use them in V3



Ran into issues with UDLicense and the Adminmode stuff as well in my test lab this morning. Since we are still in beta, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just haven’t gotten those bits done yet. I just wrote around to bypass in the lab and continue my other testing.

EDIT: take it back, it is a bit of an issue with the license in my lab, since i access through a front end name/binding on IIS and not localhost. :smiley:

You’re not the only one have issues with the licensing with beta2. @PorreKaj is having issues as well. I’m looking into it.

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Thanks for looking into it.