Adding a checkbox/radio button with text in forms designer


Newb… been having fun with powershell pro tools in visual studio.

My query.

I drag and drop a checkbox or radiobutton onto my form from the toolbox.

Looking at the youtube vids and what not – it appears that there should be associated text that
should appear along with the box/button that I can move around the place and change according to
my requirements. And these options appear in the properties.

I get nothing.

Before I create a label… I was wondering what I am doing wrong.

I just want a “save preferences” single tick box option for my needs. Some doc talks about
multiple tickboxes ??



Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module

You should be able to click on the check box on the form and have all the properties of the control appear in the properties window.

Can you send a screenshot of what it looks like in your environment?

Hoping this works.

As you can see, I get nothing. Your screenshot shows what I was expecting.

However. . I started a new project, created new form and it worked fine.

Ergo … I suspect I have problems with my project ?

I am wondering if it is to do with the resx files. I have noticed that when I in a textbox with a lot of text, it does
not work either.

This project has a couple of scripts and a few forms . When I create a new form it asks me something about resources files.

As this is the first powershell project I have attempted, I probably made a mess of it…

Would be grateful for any pointers on how to fix this ? Start a new project and import the files ??


Can you try changing the font color? I won’t if the text is hidden because it’s matching the background color.

Dear oh dear oh dear. :zipper_mouth_face:

Sir … I must confess, that was something I had not even considered.
And I have spent days scratching around.

Thank you so much.

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