Forms not remembering Events between saves

Hi, Im using PowerShell Tools to build Gui’s vis PSScriptPad. The design elements all work great however Im finding that I add an OnClick or OnLoad event using the FUNCTION setting and after you save it the function appears in the code window where you can add code etc…

however I’m then finding that when you open the form again (initiated via VSC 1.78.2) it’s “lost” the
event trigger…? or when executed the buttons dont work as theres no Event. The code for the associated function always remains available/it remembers the setting as just double clicking it again returns the original evnent
as opposed to what I saved it as originally with the “btnExit_Click” function defined

I’m also finding on initial load, it opens the main PS1 and the associated .designer.ps1 but until you click the both the tab headers then the toolbox/properties boxes remain empty.

Any suggestions of things to maybe check/what Im doing wrong please…??.