[2.9.0] Has setting colour values on New-UDButton changed in 2.9.0?

In UD 2.8.3 I have New-UDButton -Backgroundcolor set using Hex values so for example:

New-UDButton -Id 'Orange Email Button' -BackgroundColor "#E98300".

Chrome, Edge, IE 11 and Firefox all show the colours as expected.

After upgrading to UD 2.9.0, Chrome and Firefox don`t pick up those values any more so the buttons are the default #3F51B5. Edge picks them up fine as does IE 11.

Anyway, I removed 2.9.0, went back to 2.8.3 and confirmed that the issue was then fixed.

Is this a known issue or can I make changes in my code to rectify it ?

Hi @Badgerface

Could you give this a go:

New-UDButton -id "someid" -style @{"background-color" = "#E98300"} 

Hi @BoSen29,

I’ve removed my code and used yours in an existing Style tag for that button (which I omitted from my original post - apologies) and that has fixed the issue in Chrome but not Firefox (which seems to be very picky about a lot of things)

Updated code below:

New-UDButton -Id 'Orange Email Button' -Text "1. EMail" -Style @{"Background-Color" = "#E98300"; "margin-top"="8px";"Width"="100%";"Height"="50px"} -OnClick { 

Does the colour now need to be specified in a Style tag as my original code was working before upgrading to 2.9.0? No big deal if it does but it would be good to know so I can start adapting to this method ASAP


Hi @Badgerface

Awesome that this resolved the issue!

The -backgroundcolor should work as before, there was a bug however where i forgot the “-” in “background-color” which caused chrome / firefox to ignore the stuffs. This was fixed in a nightly pre 2.9, i’ll have to check why it’s not working in 2.9 :open_mouth:


In IE the below works, but in chromium based browsers buttons are just Grey.
(disregard the FAB)
New-UDButton -Icon close -OnClick {Hide-UDModal} -Style @{“Background-Color” = “black”}
New-UDButton -Icon close -OnClick {Hide-UDModal} -BackgroundColor black

Do you still take issue reports on 2.9.0?

Yes. Please file issues for v2. It’ll still be receiving some bug fixes.