2.6.0 Radio Buttons not working on IIS

Similar issue was highlighted here- https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/951.

but I am using 2.6.0 and is limited only to running dashboard over IIS.

Was pretty sure the mighty @AlonGvili fixed this issue:-

Version 2.6.2 is out by the way…

im trying to understand what is the difference between the iis and the local host it should rendered the same result

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It could be some sort of browser caching of the JavaScript files. Make sure that you clear your cache or try a different browser to see if it’s the same result. @AlonGvili is correct that this should be the same in both.

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By localhost I meant running a dashboard on my local machine as start-uddashboard and by IIS running on private network as a site. It should render same result. But I am not sure why its giving me weird result. I restarted by Server hosting IIS services still same result. I will test tomorrow again by putting only Input code on IIS may be any customizing is making this weird.

I tried on Chrome and IE as of now same result. Restarted both IIS Server and my local machine to clear any cache. Checked on colleague machines same. I will do few more test and share the result.

Hello @Abhijit I am thinking this could be the same as this issue:-

So I nested the controls in different cards and all worked fine…
So you tried something like:-

New-UDCard -Title "Radio Test" -Content {
New-UDInputField -Type ‘radioButtons’ -Name ‘Path’ -Placeholder @(
) -Values @(

I havent tested this but hoping this will solve your issue? Let me know. Thanks

@psDevUK Hi,

I tried this workaround but no content is being displayed inside the card.

But now I ran into new issue. On IIS Server i had 2.5.2 version and my laptop had 2.6.0 where normally I develop and test any code. I upgraded IIS Server version to 2.6.0 after which my page is not loading. I checked event viewer and i can see below error when I start my website.

Error starting dashboard:
Exception calling “RegisterAsset” with “1” argument(s): “The given path’s format is not supported.”
at , C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Modules\UniversalDashboard.Materialize\UniversalDashboard.Materialize.psm1: line 10
at , C:\inetpub\wwwroot\UniversalDashboard.psm1: line 15
at , : line 1

I found this link https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/927

but not able to find a solution for same.

Any help please. I copied all the files from 2.6.0 module to C:\inetpub\wwwroot after upgrade.


you need to delete all the files and copy the new ones from 2.6.2 version, with UD you cannot just upgrade the files. you have to delete the old ones and keep your web.config and the .ps1 file you have developed and then copy the new files from 2.6.2 to your inetpub folder .


@wsl2001 Thank you it worked.

@AlonGvili @adam @psDevUK Radio button issue also got fixed after following @wsl2001 steps mentioned above. Looks like earlier when I upgraded to 2.6.0 from 2.5.3 by simply copying the new version files without deleting the old ones to site root directory there may have been mismatch. Site was working initially displaying values of Radio buttons instead of placeholder and after few days complete failure.

Till now I used to follow same procedure to upgrade and site was working so didn’t notice.

Thank you all.

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At this point of time I must annoying you all :slight_smile:

Now site is working radio button display is correct. But I getting different layout on different OS even navigation color is slightly different. Columns are fully stretched when loading on my PC but not when hosting it over IIS Server.

Same code. I have not used any theme or defined any component layout. Everything is default.

The only difference is both are on different OS. My PC has Win 10. IIS Service is running on Win 2016 server. Is it because of different OS? If I run same code on IIS Server but as localhost result is same.

Windows 10 (localhost)

disk_local Status_local

Win 2016 Server (localhost or over IIS)

windows 10 look like an old version not 2.6.2

Both Win 10 and Win 2016 Server have 2.6.0 version.

can you check the theme im like 98% sure it the theme

Hey @Abhijit I’ve had that same red theme randomly apply itself after I update something. As @AlonGvili mentioned this is theme related like it is not loading the default theme correctly. When this happens to me I clear all my browser cache stop and start site in IIS and everything returns to normal

@psDevUK I have seen red theme but as you mentioned it goes after IIS reset.

This is something different I tried clearing out cache, recycle app pool, IIS reset. Even tested with different default theme available Page content is always offset from margin.

Believe you talking about the 50px left right top and bottom padding which is in the default theme. I see @BoSen29 been busy and made a tight theme. On iPhone atm but sure that’s what you talking about…so to fix that create a custom theme and add default theme as parent.


@psDevUK Yes you are right. I guess all default theme available have .50px padding defined for main page.

In 2.6.2 version,
‘main’ = @{
‘padding-left’ = “50px”
‘padding-right’ = “50px”
‘padding-top’ = “30px”
‘padding-bottom’ = “50px”

In 2.6.0
‘main’ = @{
‘padding-left’ = “50px”
‘padding-right’ = “50px”
‘padding-top’ = “50px”
‘padding-bottom’ = “50px”

but on my Win 10 machine these are getting ignored.

Page from win 2016

Page from Win 10

I think if I comment out the main page padding in default themes. I will get the desired result.

Cool beans least we on the same page. What I would do is
So create a basic MAIN css theme set all padding to 0 and apply the default theme as parent theme. Is what I was trying to mention earlier. I am also sure the method you mentioned would also work, but as they say always more than one way to do something.

Yes I removed left - right padding from default theme and it worked.

‘main’ = @{
‘padding-top’ = “50px”
‘padding-bottom’ = “50px”

I would love to create custom child theme but I am scared that I will ruin my page layout. :smiley:

I also want to try my hands in CSS so that I can use it with UD to create custom theme. I google it today but half of the things bounced over my head.