Nightly Releases

Nightly releases are now being published to GitHub.


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Same issues reported on get hub still exists with these releases.

show-udtoast title
onclick button script block wont execute command like get-service | start-service

I’m obviously missing something. I just downloaded the latest Community edition from GitHub, deployed it to IIS and the OnClick handler works fine.

This is my dashboard.

Import-Module (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'UniversalDashboard.Community.psd1')
$dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title "Test" -Content {
    New-UDButton -Text "Hi" -Icon User -OnClick {
        Show-UDToast -Message 'Test'
$Server = Start-UDDashboard -Port 10001 -Dashboard $dashboard -Wait

What version of IIS are you running? Do you have websockets enabled? If you put 2.3.2 back in place does it start working again?

Am using iis 10.5 on windows 2019 , my dashboard was 2.4 beta and was working fine.

After the release of 2.4 and the updates you have made prior to 525 I would say 523 fixes everything is fine except the button icon and browser warning.
On your 525 release toast tittle is broken if you are passing an object name and the on click button does not seem to be working for commands like get-service-computername test -name test | start-service
I have posted a screenshot on git hub

Replied on GitHub. this might have something to do with the variable’s being $null in your OnClick handler. I would try tonight’s nightly build as I think I have a fix for it.

i have tested so many scenarios, my script didnt change and it works on pre release up to 523 one just fine. something has changed in 525 fix u have added that broke those.

am going to try tonight release and let you know.

Thanks adam

@Adam so far i have tried to use the github fix you have implemented an hour ago and its still the same issue.

i was able to find out that variables are not passing to onclick script block and thats why toast or my command did not work.

here is an example script you can test to identify and solve the issue.

below code was working up to version 2.4 beta 1 and now object $_.Name wont pass into onclick scriptblock.

$Schedule3 = New-UDEndpointSchedule -Every 10 -Second

$Services = New-UDEndpoint -Schedule $Schedule3 -Endpoint {

             $Cache:Services = (get-Service -ComputerName "server1") | Select-Object Name,Status | Sort-Object Name | % { 

                        TaskName = $_.Name
                        State = $_.Status
                        Select = if($_.Status -eq 'Stopped'){
                        New-UDButton -Text "Start" -OnClick {
                        Get-Service -ComputerName "server1" -Name $_.Name | Start-Service

                        Show-UDToast -Message "Task Started!" -MessageColor Green -Title $_.Name -Position topCenter -Duration 2500
                        } else{$null}     

$Page3 = New-UDPage -Name "Services" -Icon anchor -Content {

         New-UDElement -Id "Services" -Tag div2 -EndPoint { 

         New-UDGrid -Id "Grid3" -Title "All Services" -Headers @("Name","Status","Select") -Properties @("Name","Status","Select") -Endpoint {
             $Cache:Services | Out-UDGridData 

       New-UDButton -Text "Refresh" -OnClick {
            Sync-UDElement -Id "Grid3" -Broadcast

Start-UDDashboard -Wait -Endpoint @($Services) -Content{  
New-UDDashboard -Pages @($Page3) -Title "Tasks" -Color '#FF050F7F'
} -Port 80 -Name Tasks

@Adam Tonight release seems to be working fine on server 2012 r2 IIS and the issue of passing variables on onclick seems to be resolved but tonight release wont work on server 2019 IIS 10.5

Dashboard wont load now


don’t want to sound to thick but how do I apply the update? Thought I could just copy the files over…now my dashboard dont work at all :frowning:

So I was using the version from 04/04/2019 labelled 2.4.0 in my module directory…so I tried the nightly relase copy over the files in use within that folder…that then led to my dashboard throwing up loads of errors…so I uninstalled and re-installed universal dashboard from my computer…I then downloaded from powershell gallery the latest and greatest 2.4.0 but was still getting all these errors…so I actually looked at the error and as I am using the new grid layout it was complaining that it wasn’t valid…did a command list and couldn’t see start-udpagedesigner, so went back to beta 1 of 2.4.0 and everything working again…anyone else had this issue if you using the new grid layout?

You can just unzip all the files to your modules folder. Mine is:


You will need to do an Unblock-File call because they will be blocked since it was downloaded from the internet.

Get-ChildItem (Join-Path $Env:USERPROFILE "Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\UniversalDashboard") -Recurse  | Unblock-File

I should put together a script that gets the latest release from GH.

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Thanks Adam the unblock-file is what i was missing. I remember doing it in my 2012 server so doing unblock-file in 2019 server did fix the issue.

So far this build is great all the issues i have reported before is fixed.

udbutton onclick scriptblock = fixed
show-udtoast = fixed

Thanks again and looking forward for 2.4.1 release.

Great! Glad that all got solved!

@Adam one thing i have noticed which is not big of a deal is related to Out-UDGridData

so when you are caching the data let say for example get-services and their status and output that to Out-UDGridData.

in previews releases i used to filter by service name and see the status and have a button to start or stop service and i have included another button to Sync-UDElement so i start a service and hit the refresh button the filter stayed applied and then the status of the service will be updated.

in this release if i did the same the Out-UDGridData will be reset and my filter is gone so i have to filter again by that service name to see the status update.

it will be nice if we can have that feature back.

Thanks again adam.

sorry @adam I’m still getting errors:-
New-UDPage : Exception calling “Invoke” with “0” argument(s): “Exception calling “Invoke” with “0” argument(s): “A parameter cannot be
found that matches parameter name ‘LayoutJson’.””
At C:\Adam\PENDRIVE\Scripts\Pages\HomePage.ps1:1 char:1

  • New-UDPage -Name “Home” -Icon home -Content {
  •   + CategoryInfo          : SyntaxError: (UniversalDashboard.Models.Page:Page) [New-UDPage], CmdletInvocationException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UniversalDashboard.Cmdlets.NewPageCommand

Am using pages and i have no issues. have you tried delete all files and use the latest nightly release ?

remember to use unblock-file on your source location.

Are you using New-UDGridLayout? Try replacing LayoutJson with just Layout.

Yep I am using the grid layout as it’s a great feature you added Will try what you suggested @adam and let you know. Thanks

Hi @wsl2001 yeah I did those two things. Hence I thought I was doing something stupid. I am using the grid layout so will try what Adam has suggested. Thanks for reply

@adam you have def made my xmas card list this year! Once again…you the man! Yep that solved the problem replacing LayoutJson with just Layout
I was also calling this on my login page:- -FontIconStyle FontAwesome
and it didnt like that either so had to remove that…but thanks so much for this new release :grinning: