1.4.4 PS Error with Default Install/Dashboard


I did a default installation of Universal dashboard 1.4.4 and added a fresh database on Windows 10. While the “hello world” default dashboard loaded fine, the logs show that a PS error occurred. It only occurs after I “open” the dashboard in the browser.

Is this normal? I would assume I should expect no errors on a dashboard load. Is there a way to find out what these “PS errors” are specifically?

Can you post the PS Error you are seeing?

Where would I find it? The logs literally just say “A PS Error Occurred” with no detail, sorry I should have been more specific about that.

Oh…lol. Let me see if I can reproduce it. That’s weird and you should have more info. I’ve been intending to improve the error logging in the dashboard logs to include at least stack traces or command names.

Definitely can reproduce this. It’s something that is wrong with the initial session state for the runspace. I’ll get to the bottom of it but the PS SDK is actually returning the super helpful “One or more errors occurred” without any other info.

Well as long as it’s not just me :slight_smile:

It’s probably an aggregate exception, can you get the Exception object?

Unfortunately, it’s outputting this to the UD host’s WriteError method so it’s just a string. I’ll futz with the runspace configuration and get to the bottom of it.

We were having issues where it was reporting we were trying to stomp on readonly variables so maybe it’s related to that.

I was getting that too with one of my dashboards with the latest update, it kept saying you were trying to set-variable null and null is a constant. Probably missing a safety check somewhere.

It was the same issue. It’s skipping null now. The problem is we were checking for Constant and ReadOnly options and null does not have those even though it is a constant.

PS C:\Users\adamr> get-variable null | select *

Value       :
Description : References to the null variable always return the null value. Assignments have no effect.
Options     : None
Name        : null
Visibility  : Public
Module      :
ModuleName  :
Attributes  : {}

I still see the error in 1.4.5 but it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything so I’ll ignore for now.