Which version to download?


Currently building a server to run PSU in the production environment; which version of PSU should be used?

PowerShell Universal 3.1.6
PowerShell Universal 2.12.2 LTS

What’s the difference between 3.x and 2.x LTS? Is 3.x beta-ish?


2.x is typically for people that are already running v2 builds because we will continue to support that version for 2 years. It will remain stable during that time without new feature changes but will continue to receive bug fixes.

3.x is not beta but will receive new features as well as bug fixes.

Both are supported versions but v2 will not change much with v3 receiving new features over time. We’re following a similar cadence to the .NET platform’s own support life cycle so every other major version will be considered LTS.


Thanks mate, will get into some 3.x action

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The company I work for is currently running version 1.5.14 of PowerShell Universal. I’m new to the company (and to PowerShell Universal) and I’ve been tasked with upgrading PU.

@adam, you stated that the LTS versions (e.g. 2.x) are supported for two (2) years, but how long are the non-LTS versions (e.g. 3.x) supported?

v3 is supported for 1 year. Please let me know if you need help updating from v1.

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