When's the plan to release 3.0?

I might have missed the date but I’m wondering when you think you will release 3.0?
Need to start planing testing of the beta soon also but I have my hands full now as I need to convert all PS5.1 scripts to work with PS7 :slight_smile:

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Usually if you go to ironman software on github under milestone adam puts due date for every upcoming release, as of today v 3.0 due date is May 10.

Ain’t that the beta 6 for v3.0?

I, too, would like to know. According to Milestones - ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub it says June 14th for 3.0.0. :partying_face:

We are releasing in June to provide some more time to get some items added and resolved. The next beta release will be out next week.


Then it’s time to start testing it I guess :slight_smile: