$Var | Group-Object | Out-UDGridData

Is there a way to group my items and the export to a grid?

I tried this which just gives no results in the grid.

 $RoomsSplit = $rooms.split([Environment]::NewLine)
                $RoomsFormatted = $RoomsSplit | Group-Object | Select-Object Count, Name
                New-UdGrid -Headers @("Open Tickets", "Room Name") -Properties @("count", "name") -NoPaging -DefaultSortColumn "name" -Endpoint {
                    $RoomsFormatted | Out-UDGridData

The output of $RoomsFormatted looks like this
Count Name
----- ----
1 Room 3.13
1 Room 3.05
2 Room 3.03

I also tried adding it to a custom object in case it didn’t like the type Selected.Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GroupInfo

Nevermind… i just worked out that its case sensitive for properties.

yeah powerhell core do that. stupid thing. but that is the cost of crossplatform.