Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key

Lately, a lot of our users are getting this error on UDinput field page when user try to submit. It works again after a browser refresh. Is this related to session has expired due to inactivity? If so, I am hoping there will be some sort of UDmodal telling users their session expired / timeout.

Well my experience is if the submit button is clicked and there are fields without a default value and no value is specified then the field value will be set to ‘null’. Perhaps if ($field -eq ‘null’) { “do nothing”} will help avoid the “Value cannot be null” error. Sounds like you are trying to make use of a null valued field.

Thanks @cadayton.

It seems to be related to IIS idle timeout. Change ISS settings, I don’t seem to see the error anymore.

Hello @cn9ne you could look at implementing my timeout component I did, to warn the user they have been timed out:-


I am having same issue, I am taking input from user. I have also applied -validate in the code. Due to validate user will not be able to submit until value is added.
After clicking on submit user get the null value error.

Strange thing is when user click on submit I am creating a file and the value is received but the $Session:cachedAPMID is getting null

User is value is input in $APMID
$Session:cachedAPMID = $APMID.ToUpper()

This issue is happening randomly, I tried on different browser also