An Error Occurs on Page after some period of time

I am running a UD dashboard (version 2.5.3) under IIS. I have a separate page with a UDInput control. Submitting a CSV to the UDInputField of type ‘file’ works fine. However, after some period of time while leaving the page open in my browser (Chrome), if I use the control again, I get an error: “One or more error occurred.” in a pink box at the bottom right of the page. If I refresh the page in the browser, however, it works again. Any ideas on what may be causing the page or control or endpoint to seemingly timeout?

I am happy to share code if needed, but since it works (mostly) I figured it may be an IIS/AppPool settings problem.

hello @Jim just so you do not feel alone on this issue, I too have noticed the same behaviour. I believe it even exists on the page if you have it open long enough…I guess there is a timeout setting somewhere…?

Thanks for sharing the same experience @psDevUK If nothing else, it at least confirms that I am not completely crazy! :wink:

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I just opened up an issue about this on GitHub.

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The server default is 30 sec


Maybe adam can use this to fix the problem

UDInput doesn’t use SignalR so I think this might have to do with session timeout. That idle timeout bug is likely what we need to look into.