V2.9.0 - New-UDCodeEditor (v1.0.2) in modal

Trying to work with New-UDCodeEditor inside of a modal and I’m seeing some odd behavior.
When I open the modal for the first time, the code editor is formatted as expected. However, if I close the modal and then reopen it, the code editor format gets messed up and appears as a small box within the modal. Any ideas on how to get the formatting to persist on the code editor when opening/closing a modal?

New-UDButton -Text 'modal' -OnClick {
    Show-UDModal -Content {
        New-UDCodeEditor -Height '200px' -Language 'powershell' -Theme vs-dark


What version of UD are you running?
I didnt see this, I copied your code into a new-udpage -endpoint and got the following (I’m running ud 2.9)

Also do you apply any custom theming to your dash?

I am running UD 2.9 as well. I noticed this behavior in a custom theme, but tested it in the default theme as well to confirm that was not the issue. You were able to close and reopen the modal numerous times and saw no issue with the code editor?

Apologies, maybe i misread your first comment, just tested again, and yeah its doing it on the second time I open the modal.