Using ProgressBar with percentage in UD

Hi everyone,

i have noticed recently with the release of UA is that it has the ability to work with write-progress cmdlt in powershell so i was wondering if there is a way to use that in UD.
so far all existing approached is just a loading bar or something which does not provide any actual indication if the background job or process still functioning or stuck.

so the question is how can we pass the write-progress percentage progress bar in UD for a running Job similar to the way used in UA.

Thank you.

well UD have the New-UDPreloader cmdlet that you can use.

you could use the “determinate” part of it.

so do something like this:
$cache:StuffInProgress -ne ‘100’ show New-UDpreloader -PercentComplete $cache:StuffInProgress

then have you code set the $cache:StuffInProgress at appropiate time to update the progressbar.

can you provide full example if you dont mind. Thank you