User signed into server not able to be used as Run-As account

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.5

So interesting issue I noticed after installing 3.5.5. It would appear that I cannot run scripts as the user that I am actively using to remote to the server. The user is an admin on the machine, and also in the group for giving the batch job privilege needed to be a run as account, but I can only use the account as a run as account when I am not signed into the machine.
The error I get when using the logged in account as a run as account is simply “Error executing job: Access is denied.”
Since it works again as soon as I log off, not a major problem, but it was interesting to try and figure out why it was failing for the admin user and not the non-admin user.

I am seeing the same thing with 3.5.5, also with an admin user. I haven’t tested with a non-admin yet.

Just tested with a non-admin and it doesn’t work for me with that account either.