User input results in multiple components

Something that seems like it should be simple…

I’m attempting to get a simple input value from a form which can then be used either an API or a Script which would then populate some components with results. I’ve tried with a Dashboard, I’ve tried with a Page, I’ve tried using $cache and $session which I saw in other posts. But I feel like I am lacking in some fundamental understanding of the architecture of PowerShell Universal, how the data flows between the different elements, or maybe it’s something else. Maybe this is the wrong solution for what I’m am tying to achieve.

I have existing scripts that gather data from multiple sources and the single piece of input could be a hostname or email address (UPN). In the typical powershell script I’d enter the hostname or email in the CLI and the script would run through the data performing the various comparisons and output the results.

The reason I’d like to have the results in different components is for the layout/presentation.

I would appreciate some guidance.

Thank you very much!!!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.10