Universal dashboard v 2.9.0 new-udinput -type Time - ncaught TypeError: this.get is not a function

Copied this code from the examples section.
$dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title “This is a Tttttesssst!!!” -Content {
New-UDInput -Title “User Information” -Content {
New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name FirstName -Placeholder ‘First Name’
New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name LastName -Placeholder ‘Last Name’
New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name Address -Placeholder ‘Address’
New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name PhoneNumber -Placeholder ‘Phone Number’
New-UDInputField -Type password -Name Password -Placeholder ‘Password’
New-UDInputField -Type date -Name StartDate -Placeholder ‘Start Date’
New-UDInputField -Type time -Name StartTime -Placeholder ‘Start Time’
} -Endpoint {
param($FirstName, $LastName, $Address, $PhoneNumber, $Password, $StartDate, $StartTime)

New-UDInputAction -Toast "Record saved! $FirstName, $LastName, $Address, $PhoneNumber, $Password, $StartDate, $StartTime"

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $dashboard -Port 8530 -AutoReload

When I pull up the page and try to change the Start time. It allows you to select the hour and then changes to the minute. If you click to select a minute mouse control is not released and the only way to get mouse control back is click OK. Or you can select the hour again with the minute set however the problem reverses itself. You can now not release mouse control from the hour unless you click OK.
Devtools in chrome 81.0.4 show this.get is not a function. Can also duplicate in Edge and IE.

This issue has been there for a while and should go away when UD v3 released , at this time your best workaround is a custom date time picker created by psdevuk, you can search for it and use it in your dashboard it works really well. You should be able to find a lot of custom components created for UD by a lot of folks here that is really awesome to use.

Thanks for the quick reply . Will give that a shot .