Date picker with time

When I use the following code

New-UDDatePicker -Id 'selected-date' -Format 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm'

I am allowed to set the time, but the resulting date is always at midnight of the date selected. I would either expect the time to not be allowed or for the entered time to be respected. Either way, I don’t see this as functioning as one would expect. Am I wrong here? Is there a way to allow the time to be set with this control? If not, I would at the very least expect this to be pointed out in the documentation.

Universal: 1.5.9

@robertkaucher - Did you ever come up with a solution? I am in the middle of needing a date time picker and trying to avoid two separate fields.

Hello @robertkaucher sorry I missed this first time round…you got the wrong custom component…you need Ironman Software Marketplace - UniversalDashboard.UDSelectDateTime which has documentation on how to use :slight_smile:

Hello @Mike27 I missed this original post…but you can use this custom component… Ironman Software Marketplace - UniversalDashboard.UDSelectDateTime
Which does allow date and time selection. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hey @psDevUK

Appreciate your reply! I read your blog post and attempted to put it place of my time picker that I am using now. It broke the dashboard page and gave an error of incorrect time range? I was using the example provided on the blog post inside of a New-UDCard for organization.

Ok @Mike27 thanks for the feedback…this was written for UD but should work ok in PSU…You are importing the module in PSU, not in the script yeah? Also as mentioned in the documentation this is set for UK time/date standard. I am happy to try this in PSU, but the kids got the wifes laptop at the moment, and need to still install PSU on that…there might be a better REACT component out their that I could rebuld for PSU…?

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Yeah, I imported the module in PSU (I made the mistake one time not, lol).
I know it was set for UK time/date standard, and I am good with that once I get it working, I can tinker with it. :smile: I really appreciate your help and contributions! I enjoyed reading through your blog! :slight_smile: