Understanding the FileUpload control

When using this control it is unclear if the file gets uploaded somewhere on disk, if it is just a stream, etc.

How do you functionally use this control? The docs state you get some informaton back, but I’m entirely on sure on how I can then consume that information.

Docs were poor… here’s an actual example I justed added: https://docs.ironmansoftware.com/dashboard/components/inputs/upload#example-uploading-a-file-and-save-to-it-the-temp-directory

Adam, you wonderful human. Thanks! That’s a beautiful thing. Side question, is there a configurable file size limit?

Not at the moment but I can throw er in the backlog

Just one thing to note… be careful when doing your upload. I’m using this to upload Excel (XLSX) files to be converted and imported into a database.

I had to use this:

[IO.File]::WriteAllBytes($Session:OutFile, [Convert]::FromBase64String($XLData.data))

Depending on how your file is formatted… a standard text file should be fine the way Adam presents it.