Unable to upgrade to latest on test lab

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.0

I attempted to run the latest 2.1.2 install the other day and I keep hitting this error when trying to run the installer. It seems to be system related, as my secondary server will start the install up ok. I also tracked that this occurs for the installs from version 2.0.3 and up. I’m curious if anyone else has hit this wall and found a resolution. My googling of the generic error code pointed me toward a lot of registry checking for shell folder paths, and i’ve verified all of them are valid at this point. I’m kind of at a wall at this point and really would like to upgrade so I could continue my lab testing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hey @dcherry88,

I responded via the support channel about this but can you check the $Env:UAPath variable?

Adam helped me sort this out via support email. While the $env:UAPath had nothing, I noticed this in environmental variables section

Adam had me clear out the line for UniversalAutomation, leaving just C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal and the installer ran fine.

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