UDupload loading button


I know the button is showing never ending circular progress when you click cancel, but I am just wondering, how do we trigger the loading button for UDupload -OnUpload component?

I put UDtoast, but this is not realistic on the progress - if a file has been uploaded.


Is this feature possible?

I’m also interested in this question. Is there a way to know upload progress? It would be kool if a progress bar can be show like a Modal in middle of screen plus allow multi file select.

I tried many ways and failed miserably :frowning:

I’m not aware of a progress like component available in Material UI so I’ll have to build it manually. I’ll open an issue for it.

I am just looking at re-using the loading button in the UDupload.

I believe its already there, I can see this “loading” when I press cancel on the file selection window.

Not sure if it’s possible to “enable” this on file upload. For the time being, I put a UDmodal with UDprogress - however, this is normally loaded after the file has completed the upload.

I would be interested in an option for a loading button on New-UDButton.