UDTable Export question

I like the export feature of New-UDTable, but the output files don’t have the extensions which make them usable. For instance, “export all as CSV” outputs a file called CSV, which doesn’t open Excel (or whatever you have associated with CSV files). Allowing a basename parameter for the udtable (or using the ID of the table?) and adding the appropriate extension would be super helpful.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

I’ll open an issue for this. It shouldn’t be doing that.


@MikeShepard - I realized that the reason that is happening is that if you don’t specify a title. You can work around this by specifying a -Title on New-UDTable

You can track this issue here: New-UDTable Export file name is missing · Issue #76 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub