UDStepper icon gradients not following theme colors in 4.2.12, unable to override

The default styling in PSU v4 has changed in Steppers and now has a larger icon and a color gradient in it. While it looks more polished generally, it isn’t following our primary/secondary theme colors:


I tried using an override in our theme hashtable, but could only manage to get it to override all of them, ignoring the Mui-disabled styling for future steps, which is undesirable.


Is it a bug that the theme hashtable isn’t used for the default gradient? It seems like it would be but if not, is there a way for me to use theme overrides and have a disabled override as well for steps after the current one?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.12

Just use new-udstyle which is documented in the docs. You will have to do some digging in css but once you find the related class wrap that in the style parameter. It is documented and really does work but you will have to do some digging via inspect to find the css class

I could get the class to override using the theme overrides, but then it overrides for both active and disabled. Not ideal.

Hi everybody, Hi @adamdavid85,
Did you already have the change to test this thing with the current 4.2.15 release?

Unfortunately I think that something has been “broken” in this release because the icon shape is now completely gone. That’s why I reopened an issue by referring on your original issue:

Would be very happy if you or somebody else could give some advice in case it has to be handled differently from now on…