UDForm Schema - Re-order properties

When using Schema forms, how does one set the order of the properties?

There’s a uiSchema object and a ui:order property, but I’m not quite sure how exactly to use it.

const uiSchema = {
  "ui:order": ["bar", "foo"]

Specifying property order

I may be off, but poking around, it looks like it may not be possible. Looks like it will need to have the uiSchema object passed and from what I can see, that may not be configured. So I may be out of luck.

But now I’m running into a weird issue, when using the required property, the form throws errors even if all of the fields have data.

Also it looks like the documentation needs to be updated for the EventData variables.

$EventData.PropertyName doesn’t work, at least not for me. I’m having to use $EventData.formData.PropertyName to get the data.

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