Table column order

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.0-beta4

Hello another simple i guess question (I hope this one will be answered)
I want to create a table.

 foreach ($request in $req_values)
$table_data += [PSCustomObject]@{
                                Req = $req_array
                                Login = $login
                                Public = $public_array
                                Mail = $mail_array
                                Home = $home_array
 $Columns = @(
                            New-UDTableColumn -Property Req -Title Request
                            New-UDTableColumn -Property Login -Title Login 
                            New-UDTableColumn -Property Home -Title Home 
                            New-UDTableColumn -Property Public -Title Public 
                            New-UDTableColumn -Property Mail -Title Mail 
New-UDTable -Data $table_data -Columns $Columns

And no mater whatever i use columns property or not columns order is like on pic below.

What im doing wrong :slight_smile:

This is a bug with beta4. If you upgrade to beta5, this will be resolved.

yep thx. now its working :slight_smile:

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