UDChart new features and bugfixes


Hello, I have been working on an UD project for the last weeks and came across some improvements and bugs in the UDChart.
I would like to start this thread to summaries my outcome and discuss a little bit about it.

Basically I would like to see this component in a way Grafan is doing it (https://play.grafana.org/d/000000074/alerting?orgId=1&from=1575098670428&to=1575109470428&panelId=4&fullscreen - not noting mainly on the alert feature more on the annotations).

At the beginning of my project I thought of integrating grafana via IFrame into the UD dashboard but if it is possible to have it native in the UDChart would be a huge improvement in my opinion.



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Thanks for the summary. All good improvements. For the feature requests that don’t have issues, please file them on GitHub so they be properly tracked.

Looking into the OnClick now. It looks like line charts are funky and don’t report any meaningful information while bar charts kind of do. I’ve found a way to add the label\data property to the data and will be returning that so it’ll be easily to correlate without doing anything weird.


Thanks I will do that and will have a look on the OnClick data PR.
Many thanks for this great project.

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zoom - https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/1339
candle stick chart type -https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/1340

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Super keen for the ChartJS Financial candle stick chart too.
Just built my first UD and need to switch over a number of the charts to candle stick when it becomes available.

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I did some research and had a crack at writing my first Custom Component.
I was able to build one for React-StockCharts

It was a torturous couple of days, one getting my head around building my first custom component and second debugging react-stockcharts to work through all the react errors most focused on data format.

It isn’t overly elegant, but it is functional and still has all the functionality of react-stockcharts such as drag/slide, zoom, select, so I’m pretty happy.
It is however limited to the single chart type as shown in the screenshot as that was the one I was after.



Wow that looks great … When can i give it a try?