UD-Grid is being.....silly

The following Code just eats ram and the grid just sits and loads. The query has only 2 results at the minute (Test data), so it should be snappy:

New-UDGrid -Title "Herd Weights" -Endpoint {
$data = Invoke-SQLcmd *stuff for query*

$data | Out-UDGridData } -ServerSideProcessing

Query returns data I want in SSMS!

Well what version of UD are you running. New-UDGrid is working fine for me on version 2.6.2

My wild guess is ‘Invoke-SQLcmd’ is the cause. Try displaying something local in the grid to help isolate the cause.

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Twitter to the rescue here.

For anyone that stumbles upon this, Invoke-SQLCmd is the cause.
I was able to use Invoke-Sqlcmd2 with the -As PSObject parameter, and the grid populates immediately now.

I’m on the latest version of UD.Community as well.