Textbox Floating Label overlaps with value passed through Set-UDElement

I am new to this.

I am trying to pre-populate or provide a value on textbox but the label overlaps with value I supplied using Set-UDElement.

I want the label to get smaller, similar to the action when you manually click and enter the value using mouse and keyboard.

Below is the code I used.

Get-UDDashboard | Stop-UDDashboard

$Layout = ‘{“lg”:[{“w”:1,“h”:1,“x”:0,“y”:0,“i”:“grid-element-02012e7c-a91c-41cf-ad20-9b0be3b83235”,“moved”:false,“static”:true},{“w”:1,“h”:1,“x”:0,“y”:1,“i”:“grid-element-4d97012c-583b-4147-a2f9-3632c714164f”,“moved”:false,“static”:true},{“w”:3,“h”:2,“x”:2,“y”:0,“i”:“grid-element-btnSearch”,“moved”:false,“static”:true}]}’

$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title “New-UDGridLayout” -Content {
New-UDGridLayout -Layout $Layout -Id ‘grid’ -Content {

    New-UDTextbox -Id 'txtServerName' -Label 'ServerName' #-Placeholder 'ServerName' 
    New-UDTextbox -Id 'txtServerName2' -Label 'ServerName2' #-Placeholder 'ServerName2' 

    New-UDButton -Id 'btnSearch' -Text 'Pass Value of ServerName to ServerName2' -OnClick {
	    $Cache:ServerName = (Get-UDElement -Id 'txtServerName').Attributes['value']
        Set-UDElement -Id "txtServerName2" -Attributes @{ 
            type = "text"
            value = $Cache:ServerName


Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $Dashboard -Port 10000


As far as I understood your problem, this is the same as my issue on GitHub

Do you confirm?

I concur. thanks for opening a ticket for this.

The fix has been released a few days ago and is included in the nightly build.

PS: have done the test and validation and its fixed!

This still doesn’t work when I use Set-UDElement to set the value of the UDTextbox.
Please refer to code that I posted above.