Table manipulation


I have a question on how to update a table cell on the fly.

I created the table as follows:

$Data = @(
@{Task = ‘Create Vault’}
@{Task = ‘Populate Folders’}
@{Task = ‘Set Security’}
@{Task = ‘Setup DNS’}
@{Task = ‘Confirm DNS Status’}
$Columns = @(
New-UDTableColumn -Property Task -Title “Task”
New-UDTableColumn -Property Status -Title “status” -Render {
New-UDDynamic -Id ‘Status’ -Content {
switch ($cache:StatusCode)
‘starting’ {
New-UDTypography -Text ‘Starting’ -Style @{ color = ‘yellow’ }
Default {
New-UDTypography -Text ‘Pending’ -Style @{ color = ‘Grey’ }
New-UDTableColumn -Property Result -Title “Result” -Render {
New-UDDynamic -Id ‘Result’ -Content {
New-UDTypography -Text ‘N/A’ -Style @{ color = ‘Grey’ }
New-UDTable -Data $Data -columns $Columns

If I update the statuscode cache variable then all of them change. How do I only update a specific one? I assume it would be like with the buttons: -Id “btn$($EventData.Dessert)” but I wonder what the identifier is here for me to be able to modify the correct one.

Please can you help?