Sync Specific Field (UDColumn of Data Item) inside Table instead of Entire UDTable

I have a UDTable with defined UDTableColumns, one of those columns is a series of UDButtons, each performs a change to the respective row they’re on (Eg: ‘Acknowledge Item’, ‘Track Item’ etc.)

Clicking on one of these buttons changes a field of the respective row, how can I update the value and have this change reflect on the table display without resyncing the entire UDTable inside a UDDynamic?

The user needs to rapidly go through the list of items in the table and Acknowledge each item one after another and, even with server-side processing for paging etc., the total count of the items is large so having the table refresh after each button click will slow down the UX of this workflow.

There isn’t anything built into the table to do this. You could render the column you’d like to update with a New-UDDynamic and generate an ID for the column that can be calculated. From there you could for a Sync on that UDDynamic after the button action is pressed.

It might be a little messy but should work.

Would you wrap the UDColumn in a UDDynamic or put a UDDynamic inside a Render block in the UDColumn? I tried the latter to no effect.

You’d have to do the latter. Can you share an example of what you tried?

@adam Docs recommend wrapping New-UDTable in a New-UDDynamic but it would be useful if Sync-UDElement could, at least, work against the UDTable directly and have it persist the table settings/properties the user may have set (Paging, Filters, Sorting, Search etc.)

This would improve the UX of altering rows a little bit more than what is possible now although, ideally, being able to do it at the row+column level would be better.

For example, use -Render in an UDColumn to display the data with New-UDTypography -Id uniqueId -Text $EventData.ColumnName.
Then use Invoke-UDJavascript to change the value with : document.GetElementById(‘uniqueId’).InnerHtml = ‘newValue’