Sync-udelement, new-uddynamic, new-udtable and new-udcheckbox interactions


I have a problem with new-uddynamic components staying in a frozen state after a simultaneous call.

This is executed when I select a row in a table listing groups in the central pane :

The first dynamic zone named dyGroupMembers stays in loading state :

The second dynamic zone named dyGroupMemberOf is loaded :

The third dynamic zone named dyGroupRules stays in loading state too :

This behavior is not constant, sometimes all the dynamic zones loads perfectly. Sometimes, only the dyGroupRules component is frozen.

When we look at the http requests we can see it doesn’t answer to the http get requests :

I have a button in the interface in the right pane to refresh the dynamic zone and when it doesn’t load, after new tries it loads.

Here is the result when it manages to load : (It is a simple table but with a custom rendered column with checkboxes. Checkboxes have a onchanged event.)

The rules data to fill the table is loaded from a litedb database. After many tests it seems to be the checkbox component that perturbs the loading process of the dyGroupRules dynamic zone. And it perturbs the other loading process of other dynamic zones too …

When I fix the value of the checkbox with $true or $false, everything loads perfectly.
But when I set the checkbox value with a variable, it produces this strange behavior.

Here are the dashboard infos :

I have put a wait-debugger command just before the New-UDTable commandlet and after the New-UDColumn commandlet containing the New-UDCheckbox component :

I opened a console and we can see there is no runspace that reaches the wait-debugger commandlet, the corresponding runspace seems to be busy or available :

My first question is : What happens when I run sync-udelement on different zones at the same type ? Why if the load fails with the 3rd zone does it make the load fails for the 1rst zone ?

Second question : Why can’t I fix the value of the checkbox component with a variable in this situation, is it a bug or a limitation ?

Thank you by advance.