Swagger Auto Docs Not Including Endpoint's .OUTPUT yaml Definition

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.8

Expected behavior: output definition appears under the endpoint on the swagger docs.
Current behavior: output definition appears under “schemas” on the swagger docs.

I’m having trouble getting the contents of .OUTPUT in my comment-based help to appear in the swagger documentation under the endpoint.

I believe that I’m defining the class and endpoint correctly. Here is my code in endpoints.ps1:

#region PSUHeader
#Use this section to include code that will not be overwritten by the Universal platform.
class PropertyResponse {
New-PSUEndpoint -Url "PropertyTest" -Description "Returns properties for syncing with Property Management" -Method @('GET') -Authentication -Role @('Administrator', 'SoftwareSolutionsAPI')  -Endpoint {
Returns properties from the database for consumption by Property Management.

Returns properties from the database for consumption by Property Management.

The system calling the API.

		Description: A successful return code.
			application/json: PropertyResponse

		Description: Internal server error.

param (
'Gainesville Center - Basketball Court (Playground)'

Here is what I see on the swagger docs:

I’ll also mention that when I declare the class under a Documentation “Definition” scriptblock the class appears as a schema on every swagger documentation page. For instance, I have two Documentations in endpointDocumentation.ps1. One of the Documentations is created with a Definition containing a new class that is intended to be used as the output type for one of the APIs in this documentation. That class is shown under the other documentation page. Ideally, if schemas have to be shown on a documentation page for swagger, they would only appear on the documentation pages that defined that underlying class.