Styling of the content within New-UDTooltip

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.3 (AMD64 Container)

I was wondering if anyone has any advice to correct the length of one of my New-UDTextbox’s within a New-UDTooltip cmdlet.


New-UDStack -direction column -Content {
	New-UDTextbox  -Label "Authorised User Full Name"
        New-UDTooltip -Place top -Type info -Effect solid -TooltipContent {
        	"The email address should be provided"	
	} -Content {
		New-UDTextbox  -Label "Authorised User Email Address"

The 1st textbox renders as expected however, the 2nd textbox within the New-UDTooltip appears to use a different styling:

No styling or theming is currently in effect. Is the default styling of New-UDTooltip different in some way?

Many thanks in advance.

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