Streams are in one output

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.4

I’ve the issue with the following script, that all output streams are logged within one output and not on new lines:

function Log-Verbose ($Message)
    $VerbosePreference = 'Continue'
    Write-Verbose -Message $Message

function Log-Warning ($Message)
    # $VerbosePreference = 'Continue'
    Write-Warning -Message $Message

Log-Verbose -Message 'Message 1'

$var = 2 + 2

Log-Verbose -Message 'Message 2'

$var = $var * $var

Log-Warning -Message 'Warning!'

$var = $var / 2

Log-Verbose -Message 'Message 3'

The result looks like this:

But the expected output would be to have each message on it’s own line.

That is “normal” to have no return. try using
New-UDParagraph if you are wanting to format text.
NewUDTypography is the most basic formatting, but even then it does not deal with new lines

This is not about a dashboard, it’s an automation script. The Output pane shows all messages in one line. This should be one line per Write-* call. Or at least it was in the past (3.2.x) but since our update to 3.4.4 it’s in one line. You can see it on the print screen on the bottom left.

I’ve opened a GitHub bug issue:

Was fixed with version 3.4.5. Thanks @adam