Strange text appended to strings output from scripts/endpoints

I have a script that retrieves the ID of Allowed Extension from our Edge GPO.

If I output the ID’s “x0000” will be added after the id, the addition does not seem exist prior to outputting, as I’m unable to Split it.


The script then uses Selenium to visit the Edge extension store and retrieve the name of the extension (or the chrome extension store if the former fails). - again, the added string is not present after the ID, as the url works fine.

if the name is retrieved from the Edge store “x000D” is appended, but not if its retrieved from the Chrome store.

The data type is TypeName: System.String

Any ideas?

The snippet below will produce “uBlock Origin_x000D_” for me

$Driver = Start-SeEdge
Enter-SeUrl "" -Driver $Driver

((Find-SeElement -Driver $Driver -By ClassName "c017").text  -split '\n')[0]

Stop-SeDriver -Target $Driver