PowerShell Universal v4.0 Beta 1

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Great work, will check it out soon.

Looking forward to testing out Event Hub over the weekend. Already have quite a few use cases in mind :slight_smile:

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Hey @adam noticing some interesting behavior after upgrading from 3.8.9 to Beta1. Within one of my dashboards I had the following.

$Page:TargetSSO = $EventData.txtTextField

For some reason the last character of the string is getting eaten up. I validated this by using UDToast to show the values.
New-UDTextbox -Id ‘txtTextField’ -label “SSO” -Mask “/[1]{1,9}$/” -Unmask
$EventData.txtTextField = 123456789 (This done through the UI not in code)
$Page:TargetSSO = $EventData.txtTextField
$Page:TargetSSO = 12345678

EDIT… RESOLVED… I installed the Nightly release, and the issue is now resolved.

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