PowerShell Universal - 4.2.9

PowerShell Universal - 4.2.9

Release Notes


  • Added Event Hub Client installer (#3003)


  • Fixed an issue where the New-UDButton -Loading would not display properly in the dark theme (#2875)
  • Fixed an issue where the UDApp variable is null (#3014)
  • Fixed an issue where the create page dialog would clear on refocus (#2725)
  • Fixed an issue where $AppFullUrl would not be correct for nested IIS sites (#3013)
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing a Dynamic with a Table with an ID wouldn’t refresh the table data (#2782)


  • Fixed an issue expanding errors in the admin console (#3017)
  • Fixed an issue where Reader and Execute roles could view the contents of a script by typing in the URL
  • Improved the performance of the schedules page when using SQL persistence.
  • Fixed an issue where retried jobs would queue forever when using SQL persistence
  • Added HangfireWorkerCount configuration option to appsettings.json


  • Fixed an error the groom job could fail clearing child jobs when using LiteDB (#3021)
  • Added support for local files as admin console login page logos (#2705)
  • Fixed warnings on server startup (#3023)
  • Libgit2sharp now logs to the system log (#3026)
  • Filters for health checks (#3016)
  • Fixed an issue where Get-PSUComputer -Integrated would return a gRPC error when using SQL persistence (#3018)


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