Strange error with AD module after updating PU to 3.0.5

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.0.5

We have a script to create functional accounts and attached exchange mailboxes. it is usually called via REST and worked fine until the update.
When I run it manually from the PU server or from the client it runs fine, even with different credentials.
When I run it via REST or from the PU admin page it fails because it can’t get the ‘Get-ADUser ’. The ActiveDirectory module is loaded but it still fails.
Any ideas? I didn’t find any errors in the logfiles.



have a similar error here:
we run rest API to the MSFT graph, the first time it is called it works, the second time we get a 404 error.

we use a $GLOBAL:var in our module and the first time it is called it is populated, but when we reload he page he var is empty.