SQLite database logging target

I’d like to define a logging target specific to a module I’m working on. For testing, I have the following in logging.ps1

New-PSULoggingTarget -Type "Database" -Properties @{
    connectionString = 'Data Source=D:\log.db'

But I’m having 0 luck actually writing events to the database. I have created the database and created the table ‘Logs’. I’m using Write-PSUlog for testing. I see the log entries in the web console (Platform\Logging), but nothing is being written to the database.

It’s worth noting that if I use a File logging target logs are written to the file.

1..10 | Foreach-Object {Write-PSULog -Message (new-guid) -Level Information -Resource psiam -Feature Automation }
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.21
	"Message"	TEXT,
	"MessageTemplate"	TEXT,
	"Level"	TEXT,
	"TimeStamp"	TEXT,
	"Exception"	TEXT,
	"Properties"	TEXT,