Side by Side Installation of multiple PSU Versions

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.16

Dear All
Does anybody know if it possible to install multiple versoins of PSU side by side?
My goal is to have let’s say a Prod Version listening on port 443 but having also for example a Dev, Test and QAS Instance running on other ports and eventually PSU releases.

…instead of having the need to rollout multiple server instances…

Is that feasable? I tried already by downloading the Zips and altering the appsettings.json but unfortunately that didn’t do the trick.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

You certainly can and you will just need to update the appsettings.json to use different data directories and different ports. If you share what you already tried, I’m happy to help adjust it to work.

Thanks a lot Adam!

Indeed, and don’t ask me why, I just retested and now it works! I don’t know if there were some lingering processes or so when I tested before but it’s so great that this works!
I also defined a “shared repo”. Like that I don’t have to copy always the scripts on every instance. Hope this is OK and does not break other internal things?

Btw one thing that I noticed is that even if I specify separate log folders in the config, the following path gets created as well but empty:

So it seems that this path is also defined in another config file somewhere… I did not yet further investigate where it could come from…

Next week I’ll have finally time to submit some bugs I discovered on the last versions… Had a very busy week.